The Hot Daga is a wonderful series made by Shane Madej at the end of the Buzzfeed Unsolved Q+A videos. I got into this series in 2019 and I have been attached to it ever since! I've rewatched it in full about four times, and have genuinely cried at the ending every single time.

My favorite character from it is Gene, who is french fries! He's in a band called Sweet Gene and the Risky Fixins with Stephen Rootbeer and Melba Dill. I don't even really know why I adore Gene so much, but he is one of my comfort characters and he means a lot to me. My other favorite characters are Doctor Goondis, Joblet, Mike Soup, and Stephen Rootbeer!

I genuinely love that it is such a silly and nonsensical yet compelling story, told with nothing but voices and little animations. It's a really big inspiration to me and I love so much about it. The music is really awesome!!! (if you refresh this page, the playlist at the top is now all of the songs that are in the Hot Daga, in chronological order :3 ) If you want to watch it, there's a playlist linked here in this text!!